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  • What’s the accumulator of hydraulic breaker?

    The accumulator is filled with nitrogen, which uses the hydraulic breaker to store the remaining energy and the energy of the piston recoil during the previous strike, and releases the energy at the same time during the second strike to increase the striking ability. When the hydraulic breaker it...
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  • Buying the Right Hydraulic Breaker for Your Machine

     In recent years, the hydraulic breaker market has developed rapidly, and more and more hydraulic breakers have appeared on the market. Different models and different tools make it particularly difficult to choose the one that suits you. Yantai Ramtec has summarized four points of experience to d...
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  • Why is your hydraulic hammer not durable?

     According to the technical characteristics of the hydraulic breaker at the initial stage of use,it is stipulated that after the hydraulic breaker leaves the factory,there is generally a running-in period of about 60 hours.This period of time is to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic bre...
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  • Do you know those things about hydraulic oil?

    Recently, many customers have asked me about the causes of black oil in hydraulic breakers. In order to avoid hydraulic system failures, what are the requirements for hydraulic oil? I will answer your questions today. 一、The importance of hydraulic oil The hydraulic system is an important compon...
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  • How to install and disassemble the hydraulic breaker correctly?

    How to install and disassemble the hydraulic breaker correctly? The hydraulic breaker has become an important tool for hydraulic excavators. The hydraulic breaker is also called hydraulic breaker or hydraulic rock breaker. The excavator uses hydrostatic pressure as the power to drive the piston t...
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  • How to choose a Breaker

    How to choose a hydraulic breaker?      As an accessory of the excavator, the hydraulic hammer needs to be selected according to the model and various data of the excavator. Different excavators choose different breakers, and the same type of excavator chooses different breakers. Therefore, when...
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  • How to maintain the breaker during the running-in period

    Due to the rapid development and growth of technical production and processing, and the gradual improvement of mechanical equipment in various fields, the requirements for its application equipment are getting higher and higher. It must be known that the products of large breaker manufacturers ar...
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  • Precautions for the operation of the breaker

    The breaker is one of the commonly used tools in excavators. In order to play its role in the long-term and become a suitable tool, it must be used and maintained correctly like other tools. However, ignoring some details and irregular operations during use will have a negative impact on our larg...
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  • How to choose a breaker

    The power of the breaker is the excavator and the loader. They can more effectively remove the soil in the cracks between the pumice stone and the rock, thus playing the role of excavating the foundation of the building. When choosing a large breaker, the following issues need to be considered: 1...
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