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Yantai Ramtec Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic breaker integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales and service.The company has 6,000 square meters of standard production plant and 2,000 square meters of office space, as well as a professional team of more than 100 people.At the same time has a number of precision CNC machine tools, and many years engaged in hydraulic product research and development of engineers, senior machining personnel, equipment debugging technical personnel and assembly personnel.

Enterprise Strength

The annual design capacity of the company is 3500 sets of complete machines.At present, the main products are RAMTEC, RB, KOYAMA, KYB and other series of light-duty hydraulic breaker, medium-duty hydraulic breaker, heavy-duty hydraulic breaker, the products are suitable for most imported and domestic excavators supporting the use.With advanced production technology, exquisite process flow and strict production quality management system as the basis, the company is committed to the development route of high-end brands, and is continuously exporting high-quality and durable hydraulic breaker equipment for the global construction machinery industry.


Since the beginning of the company, we have set up a grand vision to synchronize the high-end breaker equipment produced by Ramtec with the world.We know that if we want to achieve the strategic goal of a century-old enterprise, strict quality management and continuous innovation and development are the only way we must go.From the design to the production, from the procurement to the audit, from the quality analysis of parts to the comprehensive performance test of the whole machine, Ramtec people always put the quality management in the first place

Any questions? We have the answers.

In order to have qualified and stable raw material suppliers, we have developed strict selection standards, quality raw materials is the basic premise of our production of high quality products.

Resolutely eliminate all defective products is Ramtec all the staff adhere to the standard of work.

Our Advantage



We have professional storage management personnel, through the safe and orderly modern storage management system, so that it becomes the link of each department efficient connection;


Our strong research and development team, continuous improvement and improvement of product performance, timely collection of customer use feedback information, more in line with the market demand, it makes better market demand precision control possible.

The company also has a professional quality supervision and management department, they are professional, efficient, stubborn strict;From raw materials into the factory, its quality management standards, insist on their key parts research and development production, strictly control the production process, each procedure in the process of small to screw to install, big to the whole machine assembly, layer upon layer, standard, combined with rich production experience, the use of advanced equipment and instruments for precise measuring and calculation, and the production process of each product for follow-up monitoring of 360 degrees.

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